All the Time in the World - John Gierach

"A good trout stream is like a good paragraph: linear and recognizable, but with a little surprise around every corner."

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In All the Time in the World, John Gierach travels from Alaska to Labrador in pursuit of fish both familiar and unusual. He has much to say about flies, from the Elk Hair Caddis to the Pheasant Tail dropper, and shares with us "The Sudden Inch" maneuver and the function of the flapdoodle. As always, he displays his inimitable sense of humor, describing a stray dog "working the crowd for handouts like a Southern politician" and explaining that the pandemic didn't affect his people because "fishermen are all about social distancing."

Gierach's books are like that proverbial trout stream - there is a sense of familiarity but also the surprise of discovery and the flash of sudden insight. With his evocative descriptions of the natural world and his sharp, witty observations about the fishing life and life in general, Gierach shows us that the best fishing stories are often about more than fishing. All the Time in the World is an appreciation of the wonder of nature and the camaraderie of old friends who won't contradict your fishing stories. And, as Gierach says, "If fishing teaches you anything, it's how to shrug off failure and cast again."