Firehole Outdoors - Gates Lodge Custom Magnetic Fly Bench

The Magnetic Fly Bench is a solid addition to your fly tying bench. With a footprint of 8" x 10" it is not obtrusive or in the way. The Magnetic Fly Bench is designed to sit next to your vise and become an integral part of your fly tying work space.

Quantity: 2
  • Constructed from 0.063" laser cut aluminum sheeting topped with a 6" x 9.5" 60 mil high strength magnet. Sitting on six 10mm x 3mm rubber feet.
  • The surface of the aluminum is laser engraved with a general bead size reference for hooks size #2 - #22. Also included is a hackle gauge for hackles sized #4 - #24 as well as dual rulers; one six inches and the other fifteen centimeters.
  • The magnet is adorned with a cross grid across the entire surface. Also included on the surface is a Composite Loop gauge for creating the perfect dubbing loop and a four-inch, 90-degree radius graph for those of you who need specifics and precision in measuring your materials.