Rising Fish - Rising 6" Work Plier

Great for the fly anglers who use weight when nymphing or throwing streamers.

Quantity: 2


  • Precision ground Pick Tip  - to easily remove small split shot, weights, and all split rings. They grind their tip to a steep angle so that when it engages with the weight it starts prying immediately. Very effective with small weights which usually are quite difficult to remove from line or tippet.
  • Half Textured/ Half Smooth Tip - to make both de-barbing and holding thicker gauge hooks easier.
  • Attachment Hole/Tightening area - to attach pliers to your pack (pick tip can rip some fabric), or to use while tightening/checking the knot on your fly.
  • Crimp Ridge - improved crimping power for weight, and great for sleeves used with wire rigging.
  • Cutting Blade - to effectively cut all types of line.
  • Internal Spring - increased operating tension. The internal spring forces the pliers arms apart, they want to be open in your hand and that makes it much easier to use them.