Rising Fish - Rising Shot pack

This little pack has spots and attachments for all of your necessities.

Quantity: 1

Rising collaborated to find the perfect size and user-friendly features found on the Shot Pack. Whether you are the minimalist type angler looking to get on the water with just your simple necessities or the angler looking for a working station to add to there waders, pack, or belt.


  • Tippet leash that holds up 3 spools of tippet.
  • Drying pad for preventing rusty hooks and smashed hackle.
  • Slot for a Diamond File to keep your hooks laser sharp.
  • Slot for your favorite pair of pliers to be carried without sway.
  • Coil leash with clips to hold your Nippas and favorite accessories.
  • Front pocket for holding a smaller fly box or leader packs.
  • Tether and connecting points to allow you to attach the pack to mostly any strap, belt, or fold over a waist band.