C & F Design - C & F Design Universal System Fly Patch with Standard System Foam - Large

Quantity: 3

A simple fly patch with a Foam Changer that can be hung from the neck. Remove the system foam set in the Boat Box or System Case, and set one on your chest for easy use. There is no need to prepare separate flies for boating and wading. The "ultimate system" that can be freely combined and used with the System Foam set in the Boat Box / Universal System Fly Case / System Fly Patch is completed.

●Comes with a neck strap that can be used for both 2-point and 1-point hanging.
●By using the standard foam changer, you can use the system foam that stores frequently used flies on your chest.
●One Standard System Foam for each size is included. Large size: 8 rows
●This is a hanging fly patch. Fixing tools such as pins on the back are not included.