Semperfli - Dirty Bug Yarn

We have been really excited about this new yarn.

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Its called Dirty Bug Yarn because it has the multiple colors found on insects and invertebrates, whether you are tying shrimps, baetis nymphs, caddis nymphs it does not matter. They blend multiple color materials into Dirty Bug Yarn creating a 2 ply yarn so that you can tie larger nymphs or split the 2 ply yarn for smaller flies.

Dirty Bug Yarn is capable of being used as a dubbing rope, simply tie in Dirty Bug Yarn Danica and wrap around the hook or you can break apart the Dirty Bug Yarn Danica to make dubbing!. It is  Dirty Bug Yarn  highly fibrous material that would looks really 'buggy' andnatural. Dirty Bug Yarn Danica is exactly that, simple to use, highly buggy and very versatile.