Fly Fishing Evolution - George Daniel

Advanced Strategies for Dry Fly, Nymph, and Streamer Fishing.
Complete breakdown of the mono system, jigging streamers for tougher trout, top fly patterns, and more!!

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The sport of fly fishing is constantly changing - fish are getting tougher to catch on many streams, tools and tackle are improving, and new materials are being introduced into the fly-tying world that can help you create more effective patterns. As these different aspects of our sport change, fly fishers need to evolve as well - if they want to catch more fish. 

In this book, George Daniel discusses cutting-edge strategies for nymphing, dry-fly, and streamer fishing gleaned from his own on-the-water experience and insights from other top anglers around the country. He covers everything from basic equipment and favorite fly patterns to proven rigs, casting approach, and common troubleshooting scenarios, and he includes his best tips to help your fly-fishing game evolve to the next level.