R.L. Winston Rod Co. - R.L. Winston Air 2 Fly Rod

From high stick nymphing, pounding the banks from the boat, or wet wading, the new AIR 2 is a pack rod, a travel rod, a beautiful rod, and an all-around rod. It’s the new Winston. 

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We featured this entire line-up in our fall catalog because it's really grown on us, but there are two incredible rods that we want to highlight. 

The first is the 9'6wt, which is just an incredible drake and hex stick. The second is the 9' 3wt, which can handle flies up to hendrickson size, and might be on of the best light-line distance 3-weights we have ever fished. If you enjoy hendricksons, BWOs, sulphurs, tricos, ants, and the like, or if you go out west and fish the technical waters out there, you'll fall in love with this 3-weight.