Semperfli - Semperfli Ice Straggle Chenille

Quantity: 5

Ice Straggle Chenille has long, translucent fibres, which will have great movement in the water with a movement similar to marabou giving great action to a fly. It's perfect for use on tube fly's or streamer's bodies. You can easily trim Ice Straggle Chenille Fl Green in desired length using normal scissors. Try Ice Straggle Chenille for hackles or for bodies of flies like Minkies, Boobies Buggers or any mini lures, leech, streamer patterns or even wet flies. Try it on bodies, as collars or hackles

For the experimental fly tyers try using Ice Straggle Chenille palmer counter wrapped over chenille for buggers which brings a life unlike any other

There are 6m / 6.5 yards (approx ) per spool of Ice Straggle Chenille