Trout Water

An essay collection about fly-fishing

In 2019, I kept a fishing journal.  Well, it began as a hunting journal in 2018 and then I just kept going right into the fishing season of 2019.  That was the year that so many of us lost a friend in Terry Warrington.  The journal just kind of took on a life of its own, and I often found myself writing into my fishing past.  Sometimes my way past!  When the 2020 lockdown came, I had the time to expand it into a book.  And so I did, good times (and moods) and bad. 

I don’t expect this will be for everyone.  It’s just a little book about one guy going fishing.  Many of these are good memories to me.   And it’s been fun to explore some of these memories, from the farm ponds of my youth to crazy New Zealand bulls to Terry’s spoken stories about fishing and life.  And I’m still learning new tidbits.  One such story that I recalled in this book was recently clarified by my learning that Terry was a member of the Yale rifle team, and that he did not, in fact, return fire on some dude who’d mistaken him for a deer!

Every fishing season is different.  As we stand on the threshold of a new one, we wonder which way it’ll go.  Will the waters remain low and clear?  Will the trout rise this spring?  Early hendricksons?  Late hendricksons?  What new fishing plans have been hatched?  I’m so ready for the first mayflies of the season.  The rings of the season’s first consistent rising trout.  I have no idea if the fishing will be good or bad. 

But I do know it’s going to be awesome. 

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