American Made Performance

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The next time you buy a performance or polo shirt, or put on your favorite hoodie or hat, look at the label; Malaysia and Micronesia, Bangalore and Bangladesh. China, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Pakistan, or Vietnam.

Label after label. We believe that it’s time we help put people back to work, right here in the good old U.S. of A. That’s why we created AMP - American Made Performance.

We believe that strong, American gear should be made in places like Lansing and Los Angeles, Carson and Pontiac. By people with names like Karen, Matt, Lola and Marcie.

It’s not that companies who import their clothes from third world countries are bad. It’s just that we believe it’s not right. Think about it, if we all buy just 5% of our performance clothes made in America, we would create over 80,000 new jobs.

How’s that for a stimulus package! So from now on, every AMP polo and performance shirt, hoodie and hat that we sell will be grown here, woven here and sewn here. So look at the label. If you still want to outsource your shirt, that’s cool. It’s a free country.

We just think that there is a better way. The AMP way. The American way.

So, from farm to fisherman, and from our looms to your closet, we promise to make all AMP Gear here at home. Join us and AMP it up America!

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