C & F Design - C & F Design 12-Trout Guide Boat Box

The ultimate fly box! This X-Large Boat Box comes with System Foams which can be switched to System Case, System Chest Storage, or System Fly Patch.

Quantity: 1

The C&F 12 Trout Guide Boat Box is a large boat box that can be used as a boat box or as a storage box. It is designed to carry all the flies you might need when fishing from a boat, but also has the ability to have the system inserts popped out for occasions when you might need to go wading and take the appropriate flies with you. The system foam can then be clipped into a fly case without having to move flies. Designed to avoid the inconvenience of restoring flies individually into portable fly boxes. Just swap out the system foam and go!



  • Large System Foam
  • 3 Streamer Inserts
  • 3 Attractor Inserts
  • 3 Standard Inserts
  • 3 Midge Inserts

Dimension (W×H×D):294×91×217(mm)