Riverhouse Fly Company - Fathead Beetle 2.0 Tying Kit

Simply put; Beetle patterns catch lots of fish. Why? Well, first of all there are lots of species of beetles. ~ 350,000 world wide; more than any other insect. There are about 30,000 species in the US and 200 plus in the midwest. That's a lot of beetles!

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Dennis Potter has bent over flowing water with an aquarium net, catching bugs in the surface film for nearly 40 years. Yet, in all that time he has seen only 3 beetles. One would think that dead or drowning beetles would float by all day. But we just don't see them. Why then, are beetle patterns so effective?

There are 24,000 species of two winged flies. Diptera, in the USA with an estimated 1,000,000 worldwide. A large number of those share one thing in common with beetles, other than size and color; Shape. 

Trout see that "oval" shape all day, all spring, summer, and into the fall. 

The Fathead Beetle 2.0 is his #1 warm weather pattern for trout, when there is no hatch activity and the fish are not feeding. Searching with a Fathead Beetle can be very productive. 

This kit contains materials to tie six beetles of each size. #12, #14, & #16. You need a spool of your favorite 8/0 Black thread, an inexpensive tube of gel superglue or a bottle of Zap-A-Gap with a BRUSH applicator. There is a high resolution, step-by-step, macro video - HERE - to show you how to tie this fly. If you have average dry fly tying skills, you can easily and quickly master this pattern. 

There is a limited run of 100 kits and once they're gone, they're gone. Gates Lodge is the exclusive outlet for the Fathead Beetle 2.0 kit. Get yours while the supply lasts!